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Video Production

CraneDigital creates live-action and animated videos for your specific marketing and communications goals.

Video Production from CraneDigital

Engaging Story Telling – Quickly and to the Point

Creating custom videos requires a certain something to juggle all the moving parts. Lots of things need to come together just right to present your specific, compelling story. Sometimes corporate video requires adhering to corporate guidelines. That’s why we listen to you’re goals, then recommend an approach custom tailored to those goals. CraneDigital isn’t a template solution. We’re creating something original and unique for you.

Engaging Story Telling – Quickly and to the Point

We've had the privilege of working with clients large and small over the last 25 years and it never gets old - that moment it happens - when they see their idea having taken shape before their eyes and suddenly it's real. Helping clients realize their goal; allowing their ideas to escape the confines of their minds into the world for others to understand their vision is something we never tire of.

Without the passion to create something great... well... what's the point? When dealing with aesthetics, it's not the nuts and bolts of how, but the inspiration of 'what if.'

Original Content, Top Quality, Great Work Experience

  • Concise messaging upholding your brand
  • Engaging visual content
  • Precision crafted 3D models using your CAD data sets
  • All created in the U.S. with no off-shoring, protecting your IP
  • On-time, on budget guarantee
  • A terrific work experience with mature, service-oriented professionals

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