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John Deere Maximum Life Undercarriage animation.

This is another great example of how 3D industrial animation explainer videos can help showcase features and benefits in a contemporary, comprehensive but succinct presentation across a wide array of media channels. Created for John Deere in collaboration with their local advertising agency, this piece was animated using a massive CAD data set that took a while to sort through. Every piece was painstakingly detailed and separated into layers for presentation.


The CAD Data set for this project was enormous and complex. Sifting through various assemblies and sub-assemblies took extreme attention to detail. We were able to organize each sub-assembly into sensible animation groups based on the correct combinations required for presentation. It took every bit of our fastest machines to do this project, but the end results speak for themselves.


Once the raw animation sequence was complete, we handed it off to titling who put their unique spin on final presentation look & feel, as well as music.