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Technical 3D Animation

3D technical product animation from CraneDigital showcases your products and services using the univeral language of visual intelligence.

Technical 3D Animation from CraneDigital

3D Technical Animation Explains the Otherwise Unexplainable

3D technical animation from CraneDigital helps your audience understand exactly what you’re trying to explain. Whether complex scientific principles or simple cause and effect relationships – technical animation visualizes your products and solutions using the universal language of visual intelligence.

It can be a delicate balance between over-simplifying complex processes and showing too much information that ends up only confusing the viewer. CraneDigital helps step through that process using actual scientific and/or technical data to display easily understood visuals leaving nothing unclear.

Effective visual communication today begins with compelling, engaging content. Excellent 3D animation and graphics are cornerstones of today’s media-centric landscape. Some things can’t be photographed or recorded on video. That’s where 3D animation really proves its value.

Breathing a little personality into your technology is what CraneDigital specializes in. With it, the “voice” of your organization is heard. Without it – well, it may as well be anybody’s product. What makes your thing special? What separates you from competitors? That’s what we work hard to identify and present.

Everybody has a story.

What’s yours?

technical animation-explaining features and benefits of BioCycle D Aerobic and Anoxic Cycle processes compares to conventional aerated mixing.

Technical animation communicating how Eviromix’s unique aeration equipment and technique compares to conventional aerated mixing in wastewater sludge digestion process (above and below).

Technical 3D animation: FLEXIM's Prestressed Concrete Pipe technology explained.

Technical Animation of FLEXIM’s Prestressed Concrete Pipes. It was important to communicate how FLEXIM’s non-invasive, ultrasonic flow measurement technology allows measuring flow of virtually any fluid through the unusually complex and large Prestressed Concrete Pipes. This video explains why FLEXIM is the only company able to provide a unique solution to such a unique and difficult problem.

“BioCycle D operates on the principle of alternating between Aerobic and Anoxic conditions, and using real time data to optimize digestion and save energy. The aerobic cycle provides oxygen via a right-sized aeration system for volatile solids destruction. The anoxic cycle provides complete mixing via a bio-mix compressed gas mixing system to facilitate denitrification, alkalinity recovery and pH stability. With de-coupled aeration and mixing, and effective controls, plants satisfy oxygen demand and achieve significant energy savings. Cycling air on and off causes cell walls to rupture, which allows for increased volatile solids destruction and improved sludge de-waterability, reducing polymer consumption.”

3d technical illustration of hydraulic actuated pump by cranedigital

Technical Animation of Hydraulic actuated pump: One of 33 precision graphics created to explain how a conventional hydraulic actuated pump operates. It was important to precisely explain fine points of operation – including size and quantity of bubbles in M.A.R.S. valve – during phases of use. Working with subject matter experts and technical product managers allowed us to understand the finer points of operation, then advise on the best way to communicate important points without confusing the viewer with too much detail. These images were used in a webinar PowerPoint presentation allowing the presenter to pause on each slide to thoroughly explain the process. The 33 images served a dual purpose; as storyboard frames for the following animation. Nothing is wasted when we create your project.

industrial animation:3D graphic using computational fluid dynamics to visualize liquid flow through pipes with various angles, and how those angles impact turbidity.

Technical animation explaining how Flexim’s non-invasive, ultrasonic flow measuring technology measures the unique turbulence inside pipes, especially as turbidity is impacted by bends in pipes: “In the often limited space of industrial process plants recommended straight run requirements can be difficult to find. Due to restricted pipe work it’s not always possible to carry out optimum installation as advised – away from valves, bends and other in-line components that could cause excessive and problematic turbulence. For accurate measurement to be achieved, clamp-on flow meters an inlet length of at least 10 diameters. Thanks to Flexim’s Disturbance Correction, good accuracy is achieved even at non-ideal inflow conditions, reducing the required inlet length from 10D to just 2D. This innovation means that installation is achieved in even the tightest of spaces, without process interruption.” Originally created in English, then translated Italian (Italian screen capture shown above).

3d technical illustration of water treatment plant chemical feed building, with labeling by CraneDigital.

Technical Animation of Typical chemical feed room found in fresh water processing plant. Part of larger animation project created for Milton Roy, this image shows the chemical feed room containing the chemicals and delivery mechanisms (client products) for processing clean fresh water. Chemicals include flocculant, polymer, sodium hypochlorite, hydroflourosilicic acid, sodium hydroxide, coagulants and sodium permanganate. This image is a good example of how working with S.M.E.’s (Subject Matter Experts) transform technical animation from conceptual to accurately informative.

Clean Power Graphics: 3D Modeling for Graphic Design: Munters VariMax® IFRG Process Graphic. Explaining the principles behind heat exchange technology.

Created for Munters, this graphic is a bi-product of a larger animation piece exaplaining Munters’ approach to designing heat exchange equipment. Intended as notional and not product-specific, this graphic focuses on steps in the process – not specific pieces of equipment. Steps in the process include: a) Combustion Air Filter b) Combustion Air Blower c) Secondary Heat Exchanger d) Combustion Air Exchanger e) Recirculation Air Fan f) Process Air Fan g) Process Air Inlet h) Process Air Outlet h) Drier and i) Gas Train. Working with S.M.E’s to thoroughly understand principles, then determine best way to visually communicate steps in the process ensures accuracy.

3D explainer video for Shell Oil

One of our largest and most complex projects to date. This graphic is part of a larger animation explaining how Shell Oil used frozen columns of ice buried deep underground to section off portions for subsurface testing. This portion of the project was built mostly using non-CAD elements by visiting the actual installation site, photographing surface activity, then working with engineers to understand what’s happening below the surface.

Technical Illustration: Notional Winged Missile System for Goodrich Interiors/Universal Propulsion Company, Inc by CraneDigital.

Technical Illustration: Notional Winged Missile System for Goodrich Interiors/Universal Propulsion Company, Inc by CraneDigital. Though this graphic was built and ready – it never made it to the animation phase of the project. Describing 4 various sub-systems within the ‘Notional Winged Missile System,” this graphic was intentionally created as ‘notional’ to avoid identifying specific components with specific manufacturers. Component Layers are: 1) Controlled Surface Deployment 2) Engine Start Components 3) Flight Termination System, and 4) Payload Dispense System.