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3D Conceptual Illustrations for Business

Our 3D conceptual illustration and visualization services enhance your audience understanding of your organization’s products and services.



3D Conceptual Illustration and Visualization for Business

CraneDigital is a 3D Illustration and Graphics specialist located in Fort Collins, Colorado. With 30 years experience creating unique, targeted imagery – both moving and still – we visually communicate your value proposition to your target audience.

With a solid education and training in commercial and fine art, we entered the work force years ago through the door of advertising, graphic design, publishing, marketing, and ultimately – after many years laying a solid foundation in art & design – computer graphics.

3d technical illustration of hydraulic actuated pump by cranedigital

Above: 3D visualization of heat exchange process. This diagram uses simplistic graphic representations to illustrate major system components, eliminating dependencies on specific equipment models, providing a longer shelf-life as product specifics change over time.

Easily Understood Graphics

Visual communication begins with solid imagery. The ability to visually communicate reduces dependency on language, translation, verbal explanations or copy that frankly most people never read.

The power of using 3D graphics to visualize your message lies in the ability to create virtually anything and connect concepts not possible any other way.

CraneDigital has been creating compelling, beautiful, informative and unique illustrations for more than 30 years.


Process Diagrams, Illustrations & Site Maps

Approaching visual messaging with 3D illustration provides unique advantages to today’s digital marketing professional. Some products simply don’t exist yet, making photographing them impossible.

Other examples include the ability to visualize services. With nothing specific to photograph, services may be visually represented using imagery related to that service. Establishing visual relationships between different services, or providing a flow or time line of how services relate to each other helps your customer better understand your business.

Fort Collins Animator, Fort Collins Explainer Videos

Above: 3D illustration created to visualize all markets client’s products appears in. Created for larger animation project, still imagery for digital marketing is easily rendered from any angle in the 360° space.

Cut-Away Illustrations: Explaining how CRAH design impacts data center cooling systems.

Above: Exploded view of CAD translated 3D model imported and surfaced for animation project.

Cut-Away Illustration & Exploded View

Cut-away illustration, cut-away diagrams or exploded view illustrations are a CraneDigital specialty. Otherwise impossible to show, using ghosted exteriors and cross sectional views provide a better sense of how interiors and exteriors relate and is a cornerstone technique we’ve been doing for many years, even before the computer. Actually, it has been more than 25 years since beginning with airbrushing way back in the 80’s. This style of graphic design has permeated almost everything created since. It comes from a natural curiosity – how something works, fits together, relates to other assemblies, etc. and a deep appreciation for the engineering process – even though I’m not an engineer.


Whether You Have CAD Data or Not...

 We’re essentially able to move (translate) virtually any CAD assembly into animation environment, providing total control over what is shown – or if preferred – what is not shown. When using CAD data for illustration, every detail can be precisely, beautifully illustrated. 

There are times, however, where CAD data is not available or undesirable for a given project. There may be several reasons for this. Either CAD is simply unavailable due to the specific nature of the project; for example the product in question is too old, or was not originally created using CAD. Other times there may be a reluctancy to introduce CAD-level of precision to a project, preferring instead to allude to a generic version of an object rather than a specific model.

In either case, never fear. CraneDigital creates realistic 3D models of virtually anything. To learn more about how we create realistic 3D models for conceptual illustration and visualization click the Learn More button.

3D illustration of Hustler Turf Super Z Drive Train Detail.

Above: Product rendering translated from CAD data set. Below: no CAD data existed for this object, requiring it to be modeled from scratch using engineering drawings.

3D Model of Water Tower, built for demolition animation sequence.

Efficient 3D Models of Anything

3D Cut-away illustration is an excellent way of explaining your products by controlling what you want to reveal and protecting what you don't. This internal floating roof storage tank shows exactly how the concept works.

Created for a larger animation project, this internal floating roof tank was built for Boulder, Colorado-based Lightning Eliminators to show how and where their lightning suppression equipment works on various pieces of equipment found in the oil and gas industry. Built entirely from scratch – with no CAD files – meant that from the beginning, the 3D model could be optimized for animation. Often times CAD-translated models are needlessly complex and therefore inefficient. Especially in very large scenes, this can clog up the work-flow and needlessly delay work.

What Our Clients Say

Working with John at CraneDigital was a great experience. He is an excellent listener and asks questions to clarify and better understand his customers needs. John is organized and always kept me informed about when I might be asking for something outside of the scope of work and what it would entail to do it at that stage of the project. He was open-minded ALWAYS and would bring my attention to things I may have missed otherwise. One of the things I valued most was having his expertise to help solve issues. I would highly recommend CraneDigital.

-Courtney T.

“CraneDigital takes the time to understand our vision and the product and works with us each step of the way to ensure that we are clearly communicating our ideas in a complex and highly technical field to produce a high quality product.

From concept to final delivery, CraneDigital’s consistent focus is on customer service, which keeps us coming back when we have new projects that need the wow-factor that they provide.”

-Dylan N.

“We’ve worked with CraneDigital for more than 5 years and it’s always the same thing: They work hard to understand what we’re trying to accomplish, steer us well, then go the extra mile actually doing what they say they’ll do, and then some. CraneDigital is one-of-a-kind. With what the internet has become you never know what you’re going to get when you call someone – unless that someone is CraneDigital. For years John has more than delivered, he’s been great to work with: creative, does the highest quality work, is trustworthy, accountable… he even answers his own phone. CraneDigital is the whole package. Call CraneDigital. You’ll be glad you did.” 

– Ashton K.

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