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Photo Retouching, Scanning and Archiving

Photo Retouching and Scanning:

CraneDigital is known for cutting edge, industry-leading 3D animation and graphics. What’s less known is how advanced photographic experience and knowledge over many years has played an important role in this success.

Scanning and Archiving

Photography has been an important part of the creative process since the beginning. Expert use of both film and digital cameras produce a unique approach to every video, animation and photography project we do. Along the way we’ve had the privilege of working with people who have not known where to turn when it comes time to address the question: what do we do with all of our old photos?” The answer: preserve them through digitalizing them.

Using dedicated film scanners we’ll take your precious 35mm slides, or color or black and white negatives, and convert them into anything you need.

Some examples of this may include simple scans and quick retouches of old slides to share on social media. Or perhaps you have an archive of slides from family vacations you’re not quite sure what to do with. We can help. We treat each image as if it’s our very own, exercising great care to protect the original negative or print to reproduce it digitally.


Photo Retouching

Once your image is properly scanned into the computer – digitized – we can then breathe new life into an old image.

One of the wonderful attributes about the old slide films is their unique color balance. Kodachrome is no longer manufactured or developed. It’s a shame, really. Kodachrome’s rich, beautiful color has unique properties, unlike any other film ever made. Many thousands of photographs were made on Kodachrome over the years. Yet many remained trapped in their storage containers never to see the light of day.

Photographs made on slide film degrade over time. Colors fade, eventually disappearing to almost no image visible on the film at all. If caught in time,we can bring back your faded 35mm slides and restore a digital version of them to store in a format that will not fade on your computer.

Blemishes, splotches, dust, even damage to the original photographic print can be addressed with advanced Photoshop techniques to restore the image to its original integrity. We can then re-print your retouched image and even handle framing it for you.

If you have old archives of photographs you don’t know who to turn to for help, you have found the right place.


Kodachrome Slide Scan
Zermat Curling Club, Switzerland (circ.1950)
Negative cutter and loop on Lightbox.