Industrial Animation

3D industrial animation from CraneDigital is the perfect way to visualize and explain even the most abstract concepts in a contemporary, engaging way bringing your core message into clear focus.

Industrial 3D Animation from CraneDigital

Industrial 3D Animation is the perfect way to visualize difficult concepts.

3D industrial animation from CraneDigital is the perfect way to visualize and communicate difficult to grasp concepts. Using contemporary, engaging visual communications we bring even the most abstract concepts into clear view, succinctly communicating core messaging to your audience.

Effective visual communication today begins with compelling, engaging digital media content. Excellent 3D animation and graphics are cornerstones of today’s digital media landscape. Some things can’t be photographed or recorded to video. That’s where 3D animation really shows its strength.

Digital Marketing: Social media platforms are starving for quality video.

What video you display says much about your company. Unfortunately with the volume of video pumped into social platforms, much leaves to be desired in terms of quality and accuracy. Everyone has deadlines and budgets. We help companies navigate what ever constraints they’re up against by providing informed, practical, client-focused assistance. We’re here to help.

industrial animation:3D graphic using computational fluid dynamics to visualize liquid flow through pipes with various angles, and how those angles impact turbidity.

Use your real world data

Working with virtually any data source provides the ability to visualize technical concepts in realistic, true-to-life ways. Above, our client’s computational fluid dynamics data was used to calculate and realistically portray turbulence occurring near bends in the pipe. If you have real-world data, we can help others visualize it. We’re not engineers, but we know how to communicate with engineers. Often times we serve as the bridge between marketing and engineering to help translate complex information into easy to understand visuals a non-technical audience can grasp.


Global Audience

Another important aspect of communication over the internet is the global audience reachable 24/7. Many of our projects wind up translated into numerous languages. The image above is from the Italian translation of the project, which was also translated into Mandarin, French, German and Spanish. The image below was created for Swedish company Munters.

Clean Power Graphics: 3D Modeling for Graphic Design: Munters VariMax® IFRG Process Graphic. Explaining the principles behind heat exchange technology.
3D explainer video for Shell Oil

Attention to Detail: It’s in our DNA

When it comes to attention to detail it’s in our DNA: Nothing is overlooked. This is one of the many ways a human vs. AI solution is advantageous. We work hard to understand the technical detail setting your products apart, then discuss the best way to accurately present those details. The image above was created for S.U.R.E. (Shell Unconventional Resource Exploration) to illustrate how a gigantic, sub-surface wall of ice created deep in the earth by recirculating ammonia, was used to establish a safe partition in the center for testing. This scale model was built in 3D by CraneDigital after visiting the site, photographing surface equipment, then working with engineers to understand exactly what was happening below the surface. It is not a product of engineering CAD files.

Often times engineering projects become bogged down with unnecessary complexity. We’re not engineers, but we understand the engineering mindset and help advise accurate ways to simplify – and this is important – without dumbing down or inaccurately conveying the message. Communication is sometimes a delicate balance between accuracy and clarity.


CraneDigital works with the very best 3D animation software and employs the most powerful rendering systems in the industry ensuring your project isn’t bogged down by the details that set it apart. Don’t settle for uninspired lighting, low-level texturing and the flat, lifeless “computer generated” look often produce by CAD software’s best effort.