Fort Collins Animator

3D animation and explainer videos created by CraneDigital right here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

3D Animator in Fort Collins, Colorado

Top Quality 3D Animation in Your Own Back Yard.

CraneDigital has been working with some of the biggest names in industry and technology for the past 28 years – the past 23 years from right here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

3D animation is the perfect way to visualize and communicate difficult to grasp concepts. Using contemporary, engaging visual communications we bring even the most abstract concepts into clear view, succinctly communicating core messaging to your audience.

CraneDigital can build literally anything in 3D, or use your existing CAD data set to save time and money animating your already approved, engineering-perfect designs.

Effective visual communication today begins with compelling, engaging digital media content. Excellent 3D animation and graphics are cornerstones of today’s digital media landscape. Some things can’t be photographed or recorded to video. That’s where 3D animation really shows its strength.

Every social media platform these days screams for video. But what video you display says a lot about your company.

When it comes to attention to detail CraneDigital is in a class of our own: It’s in our DNA. CraneDigital works with the very best 3D animation software and employs the most powerful networked rendering systems in the industry ensuring your project isn’t bogged down in the technical detail that makes it look great. Don’t settle for uninspired lighting, low-level texturing and the flat, lifeless “computer generated” look.

Motion Graphics-Grower yield map of US.
Product Animation and Illustration using your CAD data.
Arrows Up
Corn Field, built in 3D graphics for product animation
3D model Hallmark Camper, Cuchara.