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Fort Collins Animation Company

3D animation and explainer videos created by CraneDigital right here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

3D Animation Company in Fort Collins, Colorado

Right in your own back yard...

industrial animation of jet engine mounted in trailer for flameless portable heat.

“An expert is an ordinary fellow from another town.”
-Mark Twain

Fort Collins business community is thriving. The word’s out: this is a great place to live, work and have a well-balanced life. We’ve been here since 2000, serving clients ranging from multi-national corporations to independent start-ups.

Fort Collins Animation Company-Nutrian Ag Solutions Titan XC Dissolve by CraneDigital.

While I’m not a Fort Collins native, I got here as fast as I could. After graduating from Colorado State University’s excellent Graphic Design program I moved around a bit because after all, you can’t settle down in the town you went to college in, right? Unless that college town is Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Animation Company-EZ2000 Glamour Shot by CraneDigital

My family and I returned to Fort Collins in 2000 after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a while. Since then CraneDigital has been working with some of the biggest names in industry from right here in Northern Colorado.

Fort Collins Animation Company - Loh Miller Company Kills Bacteria Illustration by CraneDigital.

We serve a national – even international – clientele, but love (!) working with local yocals. Some local companies include HACH, Nutrien Ag Solutions, HP, NVIDIA, Burns Marketing, Microvast, Fisher Imaging, Lockheed Martin, Red Rocket Web, Front Range Video, Rubadue Wire and many, many others. Because what we do is a niche, it’s not exactly common – or easy – to connect niche services in a ‘small market.’ But everyone has to live some place – and as luck would have it, we live here.

Corn Field, built in 3D graphics for product animation

So Mark Twain was partially right – unless you’re from Fort Collins or Northern Colorado. Then you’re fortunate because a 3D graphics and animation expert is an ordinary fellow from your town. 


Fort Collins Animation Company-HACH EZ2000 Close-Up by CraneDigital.

Kinda sounds like a made up word, doesn’t it? But 3D animation is the perfect way to visualize and communicate difficult to grasp concepts. Using contemporary, engaging visual communications animation brings even the most abstract concepts into clear view, succinctly communicating core messaging to your audience.

Arrows Up

CraneDigital can build literally anything in 3D, or use your existing CAD data set to save time and money animating your already approved, engineering-perfect designs. We’ll take sketches made on napkins while sitting at Odell’s over a beer, Harbinger over coffee–whatever your starting point is–and turn your idea into something others can connect with.

Fort Collins Animation Company-Arrows Up by CraneDigital

Sometimes our clients are Marketing Directors who are fortunate enough to live in Northern Colorado while working for a multi-national corporation. Other times it’s an independent genius who’s thought of a product they’re trying launch. With 30 years of experience, we’re comfortable with either scenario – and anything in between. Our goal is to help you realize your vision.

Hallmark Camper by CraneDigital.

We live in a global market place today, able to reach audiences far beyond our own, wonderful town. Every social media platform these days screams for quality video. But what video you display says a lot about your company.

Effective visual communication today begins with compelling, engaging digital media content. Excellent 3D animation and graphics are cornerstones of today’s digital media landscape. Some things can’t be photographed or recorded to video. That’s where 3D animation really shows its strength.

I was chatting with the manager of a local shop (Bullhide 4×4, who recently relocated to Horsetooth & Mason, BTW) the other day and we both agreed: There’s plenty of work around here for everyone. The goal is getting to know the community and figuring out how to best serve this great town we’re blessed to live in.

Give us a call for your next marketing initiative – or, to just hang out over a beer at Odell’s, drinks at Café Vino, lunch at Silver Grill, or coffee at Harbinger. We love meeting other visionaries in the area and brainstorming. There is a lot of creative talent in Northern Colorado, and we’d love to put it to work for you.