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Cutaway Illustration

Cutaway illustration, cutaway diagrams or exploded view illustrations are a CraneDigital specialty. Show what’s otherwise impossible using ghosted exteriors and cross section views of objects for a better sense of how interiors and exteriors relate.

Technical Illustration

Technical cutaway illustrations are something we’ve been doing for many years, before the computer. With the aid now of CAD, every product can be beautifully illustrated in high detail cutaway view to avoid spatial ambiguities, provide a clear contrast between foreground and background objects, and facilitate a good understanding of spatial relationships.

25 Years Experience

You’ve worked hard on your product design; going through iteration after iteration cycle, obsessing over every detail. When it’s time to present it to the world, why settle for anything less? Give CraneDigital a call for your next high-impact visual. We’ve been at it for years and know our stuff. We can help.


Whether you have CAD data or not, CraneDigital creates complex, 3-dimensional views of virtually anything. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is paramount in creating complex technical cutaway illustrations.

Engineering Mindset

Every cutaway illustration and animation at CraneDigital is presented with meticulous attention to detail conveying precision and accuracy in a visually compelling style honoring the integrity of design. Great engineering deserves to be portrayed as great art. CraneDigital employs an artist’s eye with an engineering mindset to ensure your product is precisely as you intend.

Happy Clients


Happy clients are good, ‘tell their friends about you’ clients. We take it as a personal mission to make you happy you called CraneDigital.

- John B. Crane


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