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3D Web Demo Reveal

Two-Story 48MW ITE Data Center Divided into 8 x 6MW Suites.

3D web demo reveal technique, or image comparison, has limitless web demonstration applications. You’re able to compare two images, show before and after versions, and much more. The example above illustrates a two-story, 48MW data center. The model itself is extremely detailed, making it difficult to visually digest with just one image.

The Big A-ha!

Sometimes it’s not possible to understand the total picture without a little help. That’s where using 3D reveals, or before and after, image comparison techniques, comes in handy. We are able to use two images together to better grasp what’s happening inside. This allows the viewer to interactively slide between different scenarios to compare.

There are many ways to implement 3D animation and illustration on your web site. Fort Collins, Colorado based CraneDigital has been creating unique digital marketing solutions for clients around the globe for nearly 30 years. Give us a call for your next big web presentation idea (970) 213-1828. We can help!