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3D Modeling

3D Modeling is a core strength at CraneDigital. If no CAD data
exists for your project, never fear. We’re experts at creating
3D models of anything.

3D Modeling: We've Been at This For a While

A core strength at CraneDigital is 3D modeling. If no CAD data exists for your project, never fear. We’re experts at creating 3D polygonal models of anything. It comes from years of experience, extreme attention to detail, and of course building plastic car models ‘back in the day” –  only these 3D models are better: no more modeling glue fumes! 

Using anything from photo reference, sketches on napkins, verbal descriptions, blue prints, 2-dimensional CAD drawings or tight conceptual sketches – we can take whatever your starting point is and create realistic, believable 3D models that can then be rendered and animated. It’s all in the details – something CraneDigital has a passion for.

Sometimes you just need a quick mock up of an object that appears ‘plausible.’ Other times you might need something indistinguishable from the real world object. In either case, nothing is overlooked.

3D polygonal or NURBS models are created with appropriate levels of detail for each application. Able to withstand the close-up shot, everything aligns and holds up perfectly as it would in the real world. We work in a variety of 3D modeling programs, and are experts at converting any file format into any other file format. At the end of the day everything boils down to points and polygons in 3-dimensional space and we can move a model from one app to another, just like that.  

Nothing Beats Experience

When it comes to attention to detail we’re in a class of our own: It’s in our DNA. CraneDigital works with the very best 3D animation software and employs the most powerful networked rendering systems in the industry. This ensures your project won’t get bogged down in the beautiful, technical detail you’ve put so much time and energy into creating. Don’t settle for uninspired lighting, low-level texturing and the flat, lifeless “computer generated” look.

Nothing beats experience and after 25 years in the commercial marketplace CraneDigital has it. Since 1995 CraneDigital has worked with clients large and small turning their technical and industrial engineering masterpieces into creative and effective visual communications for marketing.

Give us a call for your next product launch, trade show or marketing campaign. Let CraneDigital show you how to breathe new life into your products and services by creating visual communication that actually engages your audience. We can help.

  • Create 3D models of anything.
  • Maintain the integrity of every nuance of design with precision animation
  • Tremendous Return on Investment
  • Precision crafted 3D models with or without CAD data sets
  • All created in the U.S. with no off-shoring, protecting your IP
  • On-time, on budget guarantee
  • A terrific work experience with mature, service-oriented professionals (we’d rather be working on your project than anything else. Seriously… it’s a little wacked).