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3D Explainer Videos

3D Explainer Videos from CraneDigital are the perfect way to help others understand your product, service or message.

3D Explainer Videos from CraneDigital

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3D Explainer Animated Video:showcase your products and services in the universal language of visual intelligence.

3D Expaliner Videos – the perfect way to explain your product, service or deliver your specific message to your target audience.

You’ve heard it a million times, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Even more true today than ever before. Let’s face it: we don’t really want to be bothered reading. In fact, if you’re reading this now you’re in the minority. People are now so accustomed to having information delivered to them – audibly, visually and in a creative, informative and entertaining way. We’re just not insterested of having to work for it.

Enter 3D animated explainer videos. A unique creation blending real-world objects with impossible to photograph attributes. Overlayed with text, supported by voice and music, able to stop and start at the viewer’s preference. 3D animated explainer videos are the perfect way to visually communicate complex information – that would take far more than a thousand words – in the concise, universal language of Visual Intelligence.

Give us a call for your next 3D animated explainer video project. CraneDigital would love to help.

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Nothing Beats Experience

  • A unique blend of creative graphics, animation, technical writing and digital marketing experience
  • Photo-realistic video and images of your products.
  • We’ll build 3D models of anything from scratch, or use any existing CAD data you have to help streamline the process (and save you money).
  • Visuals for product displays, showcases, packaging, prototypes, mock ups, walk throughs or demonstrations
  • Ideal for multi-media presentations, web presentation, social media promotion, television commercials, print advertising or all the above, prior to product launch.

“Nothing beats experience – and after nearly 30 years working with clients large and small – we have it”

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