3D CAD Animation

3D animation using CAD data is a core strength
at CraneDigital. Create marketing masterpieces
from your existing CAD data sets
saving time and money. 

3D CAD Animation from your CAD data.

We’re the experts.

3D Animation from your existing CAD data sets saves time and money.

3D CAD animation takes skill and attention to detail. CraneDigital has been helping clients move their complex CAD data sets from engineering to marketing for years. When it’s time for Marketing to leverage all the hard work Engineering and Product Managers have already invested in, we’re the experts at converting virtually any 3D CAD geometry (Solidworks, CATIA, Creo, Rhino, AutoCAD, or any other file format) into beautiful, accurate 3D animation that precisely communicates your message.

The engineering process often involves hundreds of decisions for your product to arrive in its fully realized state. We honor every single one of those decisions by representing your product exactly as intended – using the data your team has already developed and approved. No guess work. No approximations. It’s the real deal.

If you’re an engineering firm working with clients to design products, the animation tools built into CAD software only get you so far. Leveraging work already created, we introduce new presentation possibilities that take all of your hard work to the next level.

3D Cut-away illustration: Hustler Turf's Super Z riding mower.

Attention to Detail is in the DNA

When it comes to attention to detail we’re in a class of our own: It’s in our DNA. CraneDigital works with the very best 3D animation software and employs the most powerful networked rendering systems in the industry. This ensures your project won’t get bogged down in the beautiful, technical detail you’ve put so much time and energy into creating.

Don’t settle for uninspired lighting, low-level texturing and the flat, lifeless “computer generated” look. If you’re going to do it – do it well.


  • Leverage existing CAD data sets saving time and money
  • Maintain the integrity of every nuance with precision animation
  • Tremendous Return on Investment
  • Precision crafted 3D models using your CAD data sets

Nothing Beats Experience

Nothing beats experience and after 30 years in the commercial marketplace CraneDigital has it. Since 1995 CraneDigital has worked with clients large and small turning their technical and industrial engineering masterpieces into creative and effective visual communications for marketing.

Give us a call for your next product launch, trade show or marketing campaign. Let CraneDigital show you how to breathe new life into your products and services by creating visual communication that actually engages your audience. We can help.


  • All created in the U.S. with no off-shoring, protecting your IP
  • On-time, on budget guarantee
  • A teriffic work experience with mature, service-oriented professionals
3d rendering of CAD translated pumps from Milton Roy, by CraneDigital.

3D Product Rendering from your existing CAD data set. Whether it’s created in SolidWorks, Catia, Rhino, AutoCAD… it doesn’t’ matter. We can turn your existing CAD data into works of marketing art to print, animation, web, social media content – anything you need.

CAD assemblies almost always translate in with no useable textures. Much of the artistry in converting CAD data into marketing masterpieces involves defining colors, materials (metals, plastics, glass, etc.), shadows, reflections, etc. We then apply traditional photography techniques–like depth of field blur and studio lighting principles – to your virtual scene before final rendering your product in any resolution required. Need a 4K glamour rotation to cut into a live-action video? No problem.

CAD translated CRAH model replaced with a more simple, efficient model to speed up work flow.
Cut-away style illustration reveals what's beneath the surface.
3D CAD rendering of HACH EZ2000, detail shot 1
3D CAD rendering of UMC gearbox, two-up hero shot for animation by CraneDigital.
3D animation from CAD files