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3D Industrial Animation Samples

The following is a small selection of samples designed to envision different approaches to essentially the same concept: creating a fictional yet plausible Production Pathway (environment) relating to specific industries, then allow navigation through that environment to focus on various market segments, business units and ultimately individual products or services. Once the environment is constructed and exists as a 3D model it may be leveraged in your future projects, defraying development time and cost.

Schneider Electric – Solutions for Cement. Number 3 in the series, this 1 minute fly-through uses on-screen text as the camera passes each area of interest to suggest Schneider’s participation in this market segment. Each environment became progressively more complex with more animation as it evolved. The beauty of the 3D process & return on your investment (ROI): as your asset library grows the ability to leverage components for future projects defrays time and cost. Machinery modeled by CraneDigital. Time to complete: approximately 8 weeks.

Product Overviews

Below are several product overview videos. Designed to provide brief summaries of client’s product or service then drive viewer to web site with call to action at end.

Capabilities overview created for Transcore. This short piece was the second in a series providing a high-level overview of the RFID technology used by Transcore to track transit systems. Approximate time to complete this segment: 3-4 weeks.
Arrows Up for Red Rocket Web. Slightly different visual style, this piece explains the big idea behind Arrows Up transporting sand from the rail yard to the well pad site where it is used for oil and gas well mitigation. Time to complete: approximately 6 weeks. Combination of CAD models, stock assets and components modeled in house.
Part of a larger animation project, this sequence focuses on one key piece of equipment and how it interfaces with other components in the system. Combination of CAD models and 3D models built in house. (no audio)
Short overview piece for long-time client Milton Roy explaining the primary components of their line of industrial mixers for various industries. Combination of CAD models and components modeled in house. Time to complete: approximately 4 weeks.

CAD Animation

Below are 2 samples of animating CAD files.

Quick and simple product exposition from long-time client Milton Roy explaining their Dosa Skid concept. Translated into several different languages when complete. CAD models. Time to complete: approximately 3 weeks.
Exploded view of electric motor, animated CAD files. Time to complete: approximately 3 weeks.