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Over the Top

With 3D Animation you can literally create anything. So when time frees up and there’s new software to learn, things like “Over the Top” happen.

Over the Top Creativity

Over the Top: Sometimes you’ve just gotta say ‘what the heck.’

Trying to maintain a neat and tidy corporate image keeps us from doing a lot of video games, space ships and ‘sci-fi’ work. But–creativity is what makes the wheels go ’round and once in a while you’ve just gotta say what the heck and have a little fun. Practicing skills and learning new software are great excuses to exercise creativity.

“Over the Top” began as an experiment to learn fluid dynamics, and grew into this fully functional 3D environment. Even making heavy use of instancing this scene is well in excess of 10 million polygons and thousands of objects. Honing the skills required to deal with large, complicated scenes keeps us on our toes for when your project comes through the door. 

 So what do you get when you combine 25 years of creativity with 25 years of technical excellence in computer graphics? Drenched, or so it would seem.

Nothing Beats Experience

  • Leverage existing data sets saving time and money
  • Maintain the integrity of every nuance of design with precision animation
  • Tremendous Return on Investment
  • Precision crafted 3D models using your CAD data sets
  • All created in the U.S. with no off-shoring, protecting your IP
  • On-time, on budget guarantee
  • A terrific work experience with mature, service-oriented professionals

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