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3D Animation and Graphics Portfolio: A small assortment of samples from 30 years creating industrial strength 3D technical  graphics for clients around the US and beyond.

3D Animation and Graphics Samples
A few projects we've had the privilege of working on
with exceptional clients over the past 30 years.

3D Modeling for Graphic Design: Munters VariMax® IFRG Process Graphic. Explaining the principles behind heat exchange technology.
3d technical illustration of HACH DR2500 spectrometer by CraneDigital.
3d technical illustration cutaway of electric motor by CraneDigital.
3d rendering of mammogram machine by CraneDigital.
Product Animation and Illustration using your CAD data.
3D graphics specialist, Fort Collins, Colorado
3D rendering of HACH EZ2000, detail shot 1
3D rendering of HACH EZ2000, detail shot 1
3D product rendering of HACH CL17sc
3D explainer video: Explaining how CRAH design impacts data center cooling systems.
3d product rendering: Munters CRAH close-up.
Munters SyCool Chiller-CAD translation rendering
Fort Collins Animator, Fort Collins Explainer Videos
3d model of wastewater tank with fine bubble diffusers, created for Enviromix.
BioCycle-D from Enviromix: Optimized Aerobic Digestion for waste water technology explained
3D illustration from CAD files: Created for Universal Motion Control, this image showcases two premiere products for marketing purposes.
industrial animation of jet engine mounted in trailer for flameless portable heat.
3d product rendering of Flexim H831 Ultrasonic Flow Meter by CraneDigital.
3D Cut-away illustration is an excellent way of explaining your products by controlling what you want to reveal and protecting what you don't. This internal floating roof storage tank shows exactly how the concept works.
3D Model of Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hub for clean energy project by CraneDigital.
3d rendering of CAD translated pumps from Milton Roy, by CraneDigital.
3D CAD animation
3D Cut-away illustration: Hustler Turf's Super Z riding mower.
3D illustration of Hustler Turf Super Z Drive Train Detail.
3D conceptual graphics: created for Shell Oil, this image illustrates how an enormous underground freeze wall works to protect areas of underground from contamination.
3d technical illustration of Mamiya rz67 pro II camera by cranedigital.
3D Modeling: Over The Top Creativity.
3d product animation for Nordic Wave
3d model of oil field tank battery with lightning suppression equipment by CraneDigital.
3D model of Water Intake Protection(W.I.P.) Screen by CraneDigital.
Hallmark Camper by CraneDigital.
3D Site Maps and Process diagrams. Using fictional environments to set the stage for real-world products.
Typical Gulf of Mexico well anatomy, created for Royal Dutch Shell after B.P. Deep Water Horizon catastrophe in Gulf of Mexico.
Nutrien Ag Solutions Titan XC Molecule dissolve progression by CraneDigital.
3D for Graphic Design: thinking out of the box to visually communicate.
Lohmiller and Company GPS Technology
Shrink Wrap Machine
Digital Artist's Palette illustration, created some time near the beginning of CraneDigital's introduction to 3D modeling - back before other's corporate guidelines dominated the look and feel of everything we created.
ARCFlux Reactor
3d technical illustration of industrial blast furnace by CraneDigital.
3d technical illustration of industrial blast furnace by CraneDigital.
3D CAD Animation used in 3D explainer animated videos
3D Warehouse for animation: created for TrenStar animation, explaining how their RFID tracking technology helps keep track of assets through storage, transportation, and recovery. Fully detailed interior and exterior were created to be fully animatable.
3d model of hotel remediation created for Interstate Restoration showing how they come in after natural disasters to restore commercial properties.
3d site map model of condominium complex in Greeley, Colorado.
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Conceptual Graphic created for U.S. Department of Energy/Future Gen Alliance.
Successful animated product videos use easily understood imaging to explain sometimes complex ideas.
Technical 3D animation: FLEXIM's Prestressed Concrete Pipe technology explained.
Interstate Restoration
ToolBall: Calisthenics for 3D modeling
3D graphics specialist
Solar Hot Water Heater Thermosiphon diagrams created for Popular Mechanics magazine.
3D model of Data Center: 2-Story, 48MW ITE Data Center divided into 8 x 6MW Suites by CraneDigital.

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