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3D Animated Technical and Product Videos

Our 3D animated videos ensure your audience sees every angle and detail, enhancing their understanding and increasing engagement with your product.



Create Engaging, Informative 3D Animated Videos

3D animated videos have become the standard when it comes to presenting your company’s products and services on the web. Concise, accurate, engaging video created specifically for you is vital in succinctly communicating your value proposition to a quick-clicking, 24/7 world-wide audience. CraneDigital has been there since the beginning, helping companies large and small make their impact on the web. Below are a few brief descriptions of how we approach your project.

3D Product Animation from CraneDigital

Animated product videos are the perfect way to explain and showcase your products for the web. We’ve been creating animated product videos for over 20 years and have learned a thing or two about consolidating your message, highlighting what’s important and creating engaging, visual content in an easy to digest format suitable for all forms of today’s delivery platforms.

3D product animation focuses on a specific product, or line of products, diving into the special attributes of how and why this product is unique; how it solves a problem your customer has, and how it will benefit your customer.

We begin by understanding your business; what your specific value proposition is and what the critical success factors are. At every fork in the road we’ll help steer you in the right direction to make sure your goals and objectives are met for the project.

Product animation often leverages your existing CAD data set. Often times it’s the fastest, most accurate method of representing your product, and the most cost-effective. CraneDigital has decades of experience animating CAD data. We’ll leverage all the hard work already completed and approved by translating your .STEP files, or SolidWorks assemblies into our animation environment. We’ll then surface (apply textures and materials), light, and animate every important nuance so your customer has all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

For many more examples and to read more about our 3D product animation process please click the Learn More button below.

3D illustration from CAD files: Created for Universal Motion Control, this image showcases two premiere products for marketing purposes.
Product Animation and Illustration using your CAD data.
3D graphics specialist, Fort Collins, Colorado
technical animation-explaining features and benefits of BioCycle D Aerobic and Anoxic Cycle processes compares to conventional aerated mixing.
3D graphics specialist

Technical Animation from CraneDigital

Some things can’t be photographed or recorded on video. That’s where 3D technical animation proves its value most.

3D technical animation from CraneDigital helps your audience understand exactly what you’re trying to explain. Whether complex scientific principles or simple cause and effect relationships – technical animation visualizes your products and solutions using the universal language of visual intelligence.

Often times we act as a translator, of sorts. We work hard to understand the core message, then help determine the best way to communicate that message so others may understand.

It can be a delicate balance between over-simplifying complex processes – and showing too much information that ends up only confusing the viewer. CraneDigital helps step through that process using actual scientific and/or technical data to display easily understood visuals leaving nothing unclear.

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3D Industrial Animation and Visualization

Industrial animation and visualization may be thought of as a wider view of technical animaiton. If technical animation focuses on the details of a particular process or piece of equipment, think of industrial animation and visualization as widening the lens to help establish relationships between multiple processes providing a bigger picture view. There is certainly overlap between the two.

Industrial animation and visualization may be used to show where and how specific products are placed within their industry environments. In the image at right, the client’s prodcts were lightning suppression equipment, specifically designed for oil and gas application. Creating a overview of how and where specific pieces of equipment applies to their industry was a first step.

Once the wide view is established, technical specifics may then be developed for each piece of equipment.

For many more examples and to better understand our process, click the Learn More button below.

3D CAD Animation used in 3D explainer animated videos
3D explainer videos: explaining how Interstate Restoration comes to the rescue in post-disaster recovery situations.
Munters SyCool Chiller-CAD translation rendering
industrial animation of drive train cut away technical rendering

CAD/SolidWorks Animation

Animating your CAD files is something CraneDigital has developed a particular niche for. We can leverage your .STEP files or native CAD files, such as SolidWork assemblies, to create accurate, beautiful marketing assets for any digital marketing campaign.

We work with the most advanced 3D animation and rendering software in the industry to take CAD assets to a new level of polish.

The CAD environment produces Solids Models, where commerical animation software uses Surface Models. This means your CAD assets need to be “translated” in order to be used. Often times this is an art unto itself.

CAD assets are often many times more complex and ‘polyginally heavy’ (meaning they use far more points and polygons than necessary) in their original state. This can make working with them difficult for the inexperienced.

CraneDigital uses advanced optimization techniques to streamline and beautify your CAD assemblies.

For more information on how we do this, please click the Learn More button below.

Motion Graphics from CraneDigital

Motion Graphics are the heart and soul of CraneDigital. Making things move, creating personality, style, breathing a little life into an otherwise static live-action video project can make all the difference between bringing a smile to your audience’s face – or having them click on to the next video.

The ante has been upped considerably these days in what people expect – and let’s face it: if you’re not creating compelling visuals, there are just too many other options out there. Today’s web surfer wants to not just be informed – they want to be engaged- even entertained. Without engaging graphics, who’s going to stick around when something more fun is just a click away?

3D CAD Animation used in 3D explainer animated videos
3D for Graphic Design: thinking out of the box to visually communicate.

Explain Your Product Through Animation

What Our Clients Say

Working with John at CraneDigital was a great experience. He is an excellent listener and asks questions to clarify and better understand his customers needs. John is organized and always kept me informed about when I might be asking for something outside of the scope of work and what it would entail to do it at that stage of the project. He was open-minded ALWAYS and would bring my attention to things I may have missed otherwise. One of the things I valued most was having his expertise to help solve issues. I would highly recommend CraneDigital.

-Courtney T.

“CraneDigital takes the time to understand our vision and the product and works with us each step of the way to ensure that we are clearly communicating our ideas in a complex and highly technical field to produce a high quality product.

From concept to final delivery, CraneDigital’s consistent focus is on customer service, which keeps us coming back when we have new projects that need the wow-factor that they provide.”

-Dylan N.

“We’ve worked with CraneDigital for more than 5 years and it’s always the same thing: They work hard to understand what we’re trying to accomplish, steer us well, then go the extra mile actually doing what they say they’ll do, and then some. CraneDigital is one-of-a-kind. With what the internet has become you never know what you’re going to get when you call someone – unless that someone is CraneDigital. For years John has more than delivered, he’s been great to work with: creative, does the highest quality work, is trustworthy, accountable… he even answers his own phone. CraneDigital is the whole package. Call CraneDigital. You’ll be glad you did.” 

– Ashton K.

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