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Exploded View Animation of Tech Lighting Element

Exploded View Animation of Tech Lighting Element: Created for Chicago-based Tech Lighting, the ELEMENT is a unique light designed for the demands of lighting retail display.

3D Process Diagrams and Site Maps

3D process diagrams, or site maps are a creative, informative way of introducing your product solutions in context with appropriate markets. Today’s Marketing Director will tell you that moving major marketing initiatives to the web is not a question of if, but when and how.

3D Explainer Videos

The benefits of combining 3D animation and graphics with the web/internet to distribute compelling marketing material world-wide, are well established. If you’re not doing so, you’re missing opportunity.

Industrial Animation Product Video of Clean Water Process

Industrial animation, product Videos: Recently we had the opportunity to work with long time client Milton Roy on a fun and challenging project. The goal was to create comprehensive but as short as possible animation showing the major steps in the process of cleaning...

Cleaning the Air in a Pandemic With GPS

Still from animated video explaining how needlepoint bipolar ionization is used to clean the air in the covid pandemic. One of the greatest things about what CraneDigital does - industrial and technical animation - is learning about new technologies. When a new...

John Deere Maximum Life Undercarriage Product Video

3D industrial animation explainer videos showcase features and benefits in a comprehensive but succinct on-line media presentation. The John Deere Maximum Life Undercarriage project is a great example of using animation to explain your value proposition.

29 Years… Wow

On January 5th, 2024 CraneDigital turned 29 years old. Holy smokes Batman… time flies. The fact we’re still around doing the same thing that long is a pretty good indicator that we enjoy what we do, and that we’re doing something right. And for the record, elsewhere through out the web site I’ve rounded up to 30, just because.

Industrial Animation Case Study: Cahill Heating

Not long ago we had the privilege of working with Cahill Heating to introduce their revolutionary flameless, portable heating technology. It’s pretty impressive: essentially they figured out how to put a jet engine in a trailer, then transport it trailer to the coldest places on earth to warm job sites.

3D Modeling for Graphic Design

3D Modeling for Graphic Design is a cornerstone technique used to visualize anything by creating believable content. CraneDigital began doing this before the internet was born, using airbrushing techniques learned in art school.

Industrial Animation Case Study: Schneider Electric

Industrial animations can provide a high-level overview of your products and solutions that are easy for the non-technical audience to understand. It can be a delicate balance between accuracy and clear communication.

3D Product Animation, Video Marketing and Graphics

CraneDigital is a leading 3D product animation and video marketing company with 30 years experience located in Fort Collins, Colorado U.S.A. We create 3D product videos, product animations, industrial animations and 3D animated engineering videos turning your CAD data sets into digital marketing content, social media, web site graphics and trade show videos. Our client list is our testimony; serving some of the largest names in industry for the past 30 years.

Precision Graphic Design

30 years experience as a Graphic Design Specialist combining technical discipline with original creativity allows us to understand the in’s and out’s of any graphic design and 3d product animation project. CraneDigital creates more than artist’s interpretations; we communicate through precision, visually stunning (that word is so overused…) graphics everyone understands through the universal language of Visual Intelligence.

We have nearly 30 years experience in 3D and product photography turning your CAD files into marketing assets creating photo-realistic 3D renderings. Using virtual studio photography and advanced lighting techniques we turn your .STEP files exported from your CAD software into perfect, ultimate images to display in any digital marketing campaign.

3D CAD rendering of HACH EZ2000, detail shot 1

Just Gettin’ Warmed Up

We’ve been at it for a while – and still loving what we do. We’re just gettin’ warmed up, ready for your project.  We strive for excellence in everything; whether creating the 3d product animation you’ve waited years to finally tackle, or helping design a simple logo animation for your web site. Our mission: help portray your products and solutions as accurately, excellently, simply and cost-effectively as possible – on time, on budget. Give us a call. We can help.

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Animated Video Production, Fort Collins, Colorado

“…an ordinary fellow from another town.”

Mark Twain defined an expert as “an ordinary fellow from another town.” I suppose that could be true – unless of course you’re from Fort Collins, Colorado. Then an expert would be an ordinary fellow from your town. Or your state. While CraneDigital serves a National and International Clientele, we LOVE (!) to work with local yocal’s trying to get something off the ground – or take your established global brand to infinity and beyond. 

Product Animation Fort Collins, Colorado
Graphic Design, Fort Collins, Colorado
Animator, Fort Collins, Colorado 

Have you ever seen Jerry MaGuire?

We’re the small, quality-focused shop that’s 1,000% committed to doing what we say we’ll do.

We live in a crazy world, especially since the global pandemic. Sometimes it seems customer service, commitment, expertise, reliability and good old-fashioned hard work have all but disappeared from the business world. You’re reluctant. Gun shy. We get it. You never know who’s on the other end of the keyboard. Whether the sales guy is actually going to do what they promise – or throw you over the wall and ghost you. We’ve been there too; experienced the same thing. And yeh, it leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth.

Then there’s CraneDigital. When we agree to your project our commitment is absolute. No surprises, no exceptions. We’re the small, quality-focused shop 1,000% committed to knocking your socks off, blowing your expectations out of the water and making you skip all the way home to a good night’s sleep knowing your important project is in great, capable hands.

No one knows everything.

If they say they do–run. Even though we’ve been at this for a while we’re always learning. It’s one of the greatest things about this line of work. Why else would we be doing it as long as we have if we didn’t truly enjoy it?

Every project is a little different. So we ask a lot of questions to understand what it will take to not just satisfy mission-critical objectives – but to knock it out of the park. We won’t agree to your job unless we know it can be done well; unless we’re confident we can exceed your gun-shy, fool-me-once, already high expectations.

But talk is cheap. We haven’t stayed in business for 30 years by dropping the ball. Let us show you what someone who truly cares about doing a great job means to your business.

Give us a call.

We can help.