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Part Swiss Army knife, part Que-Ball, Part Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), part what ever the heck you want it to be, ToolBall has been around for a while.

3D Explainer Videos

The benefits of combining 3D animation and graphics with the internet to distribute compelling marketing material world-wide, are well established. If you're not doing so, you're missing opportunity. 3D Explainer Animated Video: Created for Munters as part of a longer...

3D Animation

CraneDigital is a 3D animation and video production company specializing in animation and video for marketing. From 3D explainer videos, animated product videos using your 3D CAD data sets, to web site graphics and trade show videos, we produce 3D animated videos and motion graphics from our Fort Collins, Colorado office.

Precision Graphics

Over 28 years of experience combining engineering discipline with eye-catching aesthetics allows us to understand the in’s and out’s of any 3D graphics and animated video project. CraneDigital creates more than artist’s interpretation; CraneDigital communicates through precision, visually stunning graphics everyone can understand through the universal language of Visual Intelligence.

At CraneDigital we strive for excellence in all we do. Whether it’s a simple logo animation for your web site, an animated snippet for your video project or a complete explainer video for marketing, it’s not uncommon for us to hear our clients say, “I didn’t realize you were right here all along!” Our goal is to help portray your products and services as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

A few of CraneDigital’s core capabilities:

Recent Projects

A few recent projects we've had the privilege of helping out with. When the time comes we'd love to talk about your project.

Industrial Animation

Industrial Animation

Industrial Animation helps visualize processes and concepts otherwise impossible to explain.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Product Animation: 3D is the preferred tool for blending video with CAD-generated objects to showcase their unique value proposition.

Logo Animation & Design

Logo Animation & Design

3D for logo animation and design

Technical Animation

Technical Animation

Make your products look as great as they truly are.

3D Site Maps & Process Diagrams

3D Site Maps & Process Diagrams

As marketing efforts accelerate their move to the web, 3D Process Diagrams are becoming a more frequent request. For more than a decade we've been creating exactly this tool, and have something to say about it.

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

How Colorado's Lohmiller & Company is improving Colorado's indoor air.

Industrial Strength Creativity

Product Videos

Ignore gravity by suspending objects in mid-air. Ghost-away exteriors. View your device from unique, physically impossible camera angles. Explode assemblies to understand and visualize relationships. These things are impossible with conventional video. Quality 3D animation provides endless opportunities for distinctly unique, visually beautiful and engaging presentations of the products you’ve worked so hard to perfect. Give us a call. We can help.

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CAD Animation

Leverage your existing 3D CAD files to breathe realism into your marketing efforts. If you have 3D CAD already created for your product we can turn those files into beautiful, accurate marketing videos and still images. CraneDigital has been working with CAD data for 25 years. Recent developments have made it faster, less expensive and more accurate than ever to use your already created valuable work. Give us a call. We can help.

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Motion Graphics 

Quality Motion Graphics are the heart and soul of CraneDigital. Creating personality, style, breathing a little life into an otherwise static live-action video project can make all the difference between bringing a smile to your audience’s face – or having them click on to the next video. Breathe life into your video and film projects with compelling, authentic, uniquely-created high quality 3D motion graphics from CraneDigital.

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25+ Years Experience


Nothing beats experience, and after 30 years in commercial animation and graphics – CraneDigital has it. Some of the largest names in industry confirm our client-first approach.

Industrial Water Screening
Traveling Band Screen
Trash Rake
Lohmiller and Company GPS Technology
Shrink Wrap Machine
Shrink Wrap Machine Close Up 1
ARCFlux Reactor
Hustler Turf Super Z, frame and deck
Hustler Turf Super Z-rear end
Arrows Up

25+ Years of Happy Clients

A few gracious comments from some we’ve had the privilege to serve over the past 25+ years.

“John Crane has a high volume of creative energy with adherence to exceeding all requirements for the numerous Shell projects he was contracted for. He was resourceful … presented a comprehensive plan… then moved to successful completion of every complex project. A pleasure to work with.”

-Sharon Bongio, Geologic Technical Support at Shell Exploration & Production.

"CraneDigital is my go-to-source for cutting edge digital imagery, 3D and video. Professional, extremely skilled and always a pleasure to work with, I count on them for our business." 

-Matt R., Informa Group, PLC

“I trust John, not only because of his incredible experience, but because he’s a man of integrity. He always stands by his word and impresses me with the way he conducts his business. If you’re wanting to work with someone you can trust, John’s your guy.” 

-Chadd Bryant, Red Rocket Web

“We’ve worked with CraneDigital for more than 5 years and it’s always the same thing: They work hard to understand what we’re trying to accomplish, steer us well, then go the extra mile actually doing what they say they’ll do, and then some.”

-Ashton Kinney, S.P.Kinney Engineers


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